The Startup Roadmap: Module 3 - Defining and Validating Your Idea December 30, 2019

Have you fully defined your startup business idea and confirmed that it’s feasible?

In this third module of the Startup Roadmap, you’ll define your business idea in more detail by completing SCORE’s “Simple Steps for Starting Your Business” program.

If you already have skills and experience in the industry you’re planning to enter, you may think this step is unnecessary. However, being an employee in an industry or excelling at a hobby is very different from starting a business in that industry or turning that hobby into a business.

The “Simple Steps for Starting Your Business” program includes five parts, and it will help you transition from “having an idea” to “having a plan.”

You’ll test the feasibility of your business idea by researching industry data, customer data, financial projections, possible funding sources, and other information. You'll have a sample feasibility plan to use as a guide and get an overview of all the elements involved in starting a business. 

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The SCORE Startup Roadmap outlines every step in starting a business. Work with your mentor to help you reach your goal. They can be your experienced tour guide, not just for the startup journey, but for the life of your business.

The Startup Roadmap: Module 3 - Defining and Validating Your Idea