How I can help you

I have extensive international executive management experience in the Biotechnology and Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics industries. For many years, I have overseen all key aspects of a multinational global business, including marketing, R&D, local and off-shore manufacturing, sales, warehousing, distribution and customer support. Sales volume grew more than ten-fold under my leadership at my last posting. At SCORE I assist entrepreneurs existing businesses in translating their ideas and concepts into products and services; in better understanding business operations and the design, development, manufacturing and distribution processes. I also act as a sounding-board for clients who seek objective analysis and honest feedback. I offer clients: 1. Strong Leadership and Management Skills - how to formulate and prioritize goals, how to focus a management team to reach key objectives; how to build and maintain effective, motivated, cost-conscious growth; how to ensure both profitability and a productive work environment. 2. Change Management Skills and Problem solving—I can perform due diligence, troubleshoot, and suggest improvements to clients business models and processes. 3. Results Orientation –strategies which will help prepare an organization to achieve its short-term tactical and long-term goals.

Areas of Expertise
  • Manufacturing & Product Development
  • Technology & IT Services

Industry Experience


EDUCATION -1974 - Ph.D. Degree in Clinical Biochemistry, Moscow Institute of Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy, Moscow, Russia. 1967 - BS Degree in Biochemistry, Odessa State University, Odessa, Ukraine

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