San Francisco SCORE participated in the Daly City Festival held on September 25th at Gellert Park. The organizers support community-building efforts for Filipino culture immersion, small business mentoring, and promotion of health in Daly City and the surrounding areas. A huge thank you to the University of the Philippines Alumni Association of San Francisco (UPAASF), The City Council of Daly City, The Filipino Food Movement, The Rotary Club of Colma Daly City, RotaCare Free Clinic Daly City, and San Francisco Hepatitis B Free for helping organize such an amazing event.

Front L-R Chato, Vivienne and Edita
Back L-R Philippine Vice Consul Adrian Baccay, UPAASF President Liza Gino, Daly City Mayor Rod Daus-Magbual

L-R Tony Bayudan, Chief of Staff of San Mateo Board Supervisor David Canepa, Chato Calderon, Supervisor David Canepa, Edita Cruz

Front: L-R UPAASF Board Director Edcelyn Punjol, UPAASF President Liza Gino, SCORE Chato Calderon; Back L-R UPAASF Former President Ted Aquino, SCORE Sergey Litvinenko, UPAASF Dado Hernandez